Pegasus Specialty Vehicles Plans Type A EV Buses
Pegasus Specialty Vehicles Plans Type A EV Buses

Pegasus Speciality Vehicles, an electric vehicle manufacturer based in Ohio, intends to start making Type A school and shuttle buses in 2022.

In a news release, the company announced plans to use several chassis and powertrain options, such as GM Express/Savana, Ford E Series, and Transit cutaway, including an EV Ford conversion from Phoenix Motorcars.

Besides the standard chassis options, Pegasus will offer buses up to 22,300 pounds GVW from Zeus Electric Chassis. The Zeus chassis, according to the release, will be the only true purpose-built EV chassis in the Type A segment.

"Pegasus has been a long time in the making, but I believe the product that we will produce will be a vehicle that is easy to manufacture for us but, more importantly, easy to service in the field," said Brian Barrington, Pegasus company president. "On top of that, the innovation that we've built into our 'student transportation tech stack' helps us differentiate from the existing solutions available today."