Zonar OTAir is a mobile app designed to offer over-the-air programming for enhanced Cummins engine performance and uptime. Photo courtesy Zonar

Zonar OTAir is a mobile app designed to offer over-the-air programming for enhanced Cummins engine performance and uptime. Photo courtesy Zonar

SEATTLE — Fleet management technology supplier Zonar has created a mobile app to offer over-the-air programming for enhanced Cummins engine performance and uptime.

Using the Zonar OTAir mobile app, fleet managers and drivers who use Zonar’s telematics services can manage and deliver Cummins Connected Software Updates to enhance performance of Cummins-powered vehicles, according to a news release from Zonar. Users can perform engine software updates on a single vehicle or fleet of vehicles while on the road to scale and expedite service needs, according to the fleet management supplier.

"The availability of Cummins Connected Software Updates through Zonar's OTAir app allows customers with Cummins engines more control and convenience over the performance and management of their fleets, saving time and costs associated with traditional calibration methods," said Todd Mysak, director of business development for Cummins Inc.

With Cummins Connected Software Updates, fleets using Zonar OTAir can improve their operations through the following benefits, according to the fleet management supplier:

  • Reduced downtime: With over-the-air updates, vehicles can spend more time on the road than at the shop receiving updates.
  • Cost savings: A typical shop visit for an engine calibration update can cost in excess of $110 per visit, per vehicle, according to the supplier.
  • Increased vehicle health: With up-to-date software, vehicles can run more efficiently and safely.
  • Ease of use: Drivers can quickly approve updates on their smartphone or tablet and easily start the over-the-air process.
  • Rapid updates: Fleet managers and drivers can work together to find optimal times, such as a driver's 30-minute rest break, to complete updates in as little as five minutes.
  • Increase fleet control: Fleet managers are notified through the Cummins portal of available updates for specific engines, allowing them to schedule updates appropriately.
  • Data security: Zonar OTAir includes VIN validation to help ensure the correct vehicle is receiving the correct update.

"With Cummins Connected Software Updates, over-the-air programming for commercial vehicles is no longer a future concept," said Gary Schmidt, vice president of business solutions at Zonar. "Through our ongoing collaboration with Cummins, we’re bringing a smartphone-accessible solution to market that helps fleets eliminate the need to schedule shop visits for calibrations. We believe this will help spur the creation of broader industry innovations focused on reducing the time spent by fleets waiting for updates."

For more information on Zonar OTAir, go here.

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