The Vulcan Series in-vehicle surveillance systems and Pro8 Central Management System software offer high-definition (HD) video of up to 1080p and up to 4 megapixel resolution, along with the ability to schedule or automatically download video clips via Wi-Fi or cellular.

Vulcan Series DVRs (digital video recorders) are engineered to record IP cameras and HD cameras on the same system and display them simultaneously on screen during playback. Recording two types of camera feeds on the same system enables the fleet operator to have IP cameras installed in key locations where clarity is needed most. However, IP camera channels require more storage than other types of recordings, and this can limit the number of hours that can be stored on the DVR. The solution, according to AngelTrax, is to capture the majority of camera views with true high-definition cameras.

The Vulcan Series features four DVRs with redundant and sequential recording options. The V24 records 24 channels, including 16 D1 channels and eight IP channels at up to 1080p resolution. For example, the V12 stores eight D1 channels from 720p up to 1080p and four IP channels at up to 1080p.