Marty Maier, the head mechanic at Hilton (N.Y.) Central School District (shown right), has...

Marty Maier, the head mechanic at Hilton (N.Y.) Central School District (shown right), has retired after 26 years. He came aboard after his father, Charlie Maier (left), retired.

Photo courtesy New York Bus Sales

HILTON, N.Y. — After slightly more than two-and-a-half decades, Marty Maier, who has been the head mechanic at the Hilton Central School District (CSD), is retiring on Tuesday.

Maier’s father, Charlie Maier, had also been head mechanic at the district before he retired in 1994, after 43 years of service, according to New York Bus Sales. When Marty Maier went to work for the district 26 years ago, he replaced Charlie.

“In total, the Hilton Central School District has had a Maier in the head mechanic position for the last 69 years,” John Johnston, vice president of New York Bus Sales, told School Bus Fleet.  

Marty had acquired a substantial amount of vehicle maintenance experience before he came aboard the district; he had owned a garage in Hilton for about 18 years.  “We fixed all types of cars and trucks, and the Hilton Dairy trucks and some buses,” Marty told SBF.

Like working for Hilton CSD, that business was also a family affair: Charlie initially started the business at their home.

After six years, in April 2000, Marty worked his way up to the head mechanic position.

“Marty’s vast mechanical knowledge and hands-on approach not only kept the Hilton CSD fleet of units in shape but also helped guide New York Bus Sales in providing a higher level of service to our customers,” Johnston said.

Over his 26-year school bus maintenance career, one of the biggest changes that Marty has seen is the number of computer-based programs installed on the buses.

While keeping up to date on those changes and others in the buses during production has been the most challenging aspect of his career, he said, knowing that he and his staff members worked to provide safe vehicles to take students to and from school has been the most rewarding.

“I would like to recognize the guys that I worked with keeping the fleet up and running: the bus drivers, the office staff, and the vendors,” Marty added.

In retirement, Marty plans to enjoy family, friends, and pick up a few hobbies.

Additionally, Charlie just turned 90 in April and was able to join a retirement luncheon that was held for Marty on June 17 in the district’s garage.

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