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District cuts $9 million in transportation services
September 7, 2010
State budget reductions force Los Angeles Unified School District to make changes that will affect 53,000 students. Pickup sites are being reassigned.
School board restores after-school bus transportation
September 3, 2010
After families disputed the cuts, board members called a special meeting to discuss activity buses and a source to fund them. Officials plan to reinstate the bus service using a federal education jobs grant.
Mom says pre-K daughter can’t ride school bus
September 3, 2010
A school bus passes Faith Bostic’s house, but only stops for Head Start students. Kanawha County Schools’ transportation director says the county can't afford to offer all of its pre-kindergarten students school bus transportation, but says that the girl can ride the bus as long as there's room and she catches it at an established Head Start stop.
N.Y. district selects IMMI belted seating
September 3, 2010
The new seating technology was specified as part of a recent transportation bid in which the district's incumbent contractor was the successful bidder. With this order, the district has equipped its entire fleet with SafeGuard Integrated Child Seats and 20 percent of its fleet with the SafeGuard FlexSeat.
Dogs ride school bus to day camp
September 3, 2010
Jeremy Sweet transports up to 25 dogs a day to Totally Dog in Florida. Sweet and his wife Elena opened the camp, which includes a five-acre playground and a bone-shaped swimming pool, 11 years ago.
Highway-rail accidents down 80% since 1972
September 2, 2010
That’s the year nonprofit Operation Lifesaver was founded. NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman commends the organization for its long-running efforts. Among Operation Lifesaver’s offerings is training specifically for school bus drivers.
Kids wear color-coded tags on the bus to improve safety
September 2, 2010
The youngest riders who attend kindergarten are identified with green tags, those who transfer buses with blue tags, and those who carry Epi-Pens for allergic reactions with red tags.
Study: 8% of all drivers have driven drunk in past year
August 31, 2010
The research by NHTSA also reveals that about one in five Americans have driven within two hours of drinking alcohol in the past year. The U.S. DOT kicks off its annual “Drunk Driving. Over the Limit. Under Arrest” campaign.
1 dead, 5 injured in school bus crashes
August 31, 2010
In the first accident, a school bus driver went through an intersection and a semi truck collided with it. Four children were injured. In the second accident, another bus from the same district was rear-ended by a car. The driver of the car was transported to a hospital for treatment; the passenger was pronounced dead at the scene.
Bus driver charged for having gun on school grounds
August 30, 2010
Wayne Lindsay is guilty of a felony for leaving his gun in his car parked at a school while he drove his bus. His permit to carry a concealed weapon has been seized and he has been suspended from his duties at a North Carolina district while the incident is investigated.
School bus driver record checks available online
August 30, 2010
The Texas Department of Public Safety is offering the service free of charge to school districts statewide. Since its implementation in early August, more than 6,000 records have been requested.
Grant offered to fund student field trips
August 26, 2010
The program, launched last year by NAPT President Linda Bluth and her partner, will give preference this year to applications that benefit homeless students in Washington and Oregon, although the award will be discretionary.
Shuttle stop system could save $3.5 million
August 26, 2010
Under the new plan at Charlotte-Mecklenburg (N.C.) Schools, students attending magnet middle and high schools are picked up and dropped off by the district’s school buses at designated shuttle sites.
Study: Cost of motor vehicle crashes tops $99 billion
August 26, 2010
Teens and young adults made up 28 percent of all fatal and non-fatal motor vehicle injuries and 31 percent of the costs ($31 billion). Recommendations to prevent accidents include graduated driver licensing policies, child safety seat distribution, primary seat belt laws and enforcement, helmet laws and sobriety checkpoints.
Arizona district requires proof of residency to board buses
August 26, 2010
Ajo Unified School District is seeking to stop students who live in Mexico from attending school in Ajo. The move follows Arizona's recently passed illegal immigration law. However, illegal immigrants can attend Arizona schools if they are residents of the state.
Cloud hosting helps Transfinder provide continuous service
August 25, 2010
The transportation management solution provider’s Infofinder i system enables parents to see their children’s bus stop information on the school district's Website. The application is hosted in a “cloud” — a collection of servers that are interconnected — which enables the company to quickly respond to clients’ needs.
Defensive Driving Principles and How to Teach Them
August 24, 2010

After instituting a defensive driving focus in its training program, one district decreased reportable accidents by 33 percent.

Transfinder clients earn routing software certification
August 23, 2010
The clients became certified Routefinder Pro users by completing a 50-question exam that tested their knowledge and proper use of the software. The exam was given during the transportation management system provider's National Client Conference in July.
‘Bus Bucks’ program encourages good bus rider behavior
August 23, 2010
Under the incentive program, students at a South Carolina school district receive Bus Bucks for following directions, remaining seated and talking quietly on their school buses. Bus Bucks can be redeemed for such prizes as a fast food coupon and a homework pass.
District drops $200 bus rider fee
August 20, 2010
Officials at Anoka-Hennepin School District in Minnesota say that there has been an increase in the number of students who qualify for a reduced fee or no fee and as more students qualify, the district will collect less revenue from the fees. The district also rescinded the fee because the transportation department has negotiated a freeze in the expense of outsourcing bus service.

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