Ohio Student Fatally Struck by School Bus

Kyle Richmond, 16, is riding a skateboard when he falls into the road and a school bus hits him. He suffers severe head trauma and is pronounced dead at the scene. 


Student Fatally Struck By School Bus

As a 12-year-old boy in Wisconsin walks home from the first day of school, he crosses an intersection and is hit and killed by a school bus, which is making a turn into the intersection.


District Undergoes School Bus Safety Overhaul

In response to a safety review, Knox County (Tenn.) Schools directs funds to hire a safety manager, install surveillance cameras in new school buses, and ensure that spare buses have a radio system.


Students Trained in Surviving a School Bus Crash

Florida fire rescue staff simulate a school bus crash, flipping a school bus onto a car. They advise students to look for traffic when exiting, stick together, and stay close to be accounted for.

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