11 Students Injured in Indiana School Bus Crash

Nicole Schlosser
Posted on March 8, 2018

ELKHART, Ind. — Nearly a dozen students here suffered minor injuries when a school bus was involved in a crash on Wednesday morning.

A Baugo Community Schools bus was taking 47 elementary and intermediate students to school when the crash occurred, school officials told WSBT 22. Police told the news source that traffic came to a halt but the bus was unable to stop, and it crashed into a semi tractor-trailer. Eleven students were taken to the hospital for further evaluation and were treated and released, according to a news release from the school district.

School administrators rode on the ambulances with the students to comfort them and act on their behalf until parents could get to the hospital, according to the news release. Several parents were on scene at the hospital before their children arrived.

Many of the students returned to school. Parents of all of the students on the bus, whether they went to the hospital or not, were contacted through phone calls about the crash. The district will also provide extra counseling services at both schools in the coming days to assist students who have been impacted by the crash.

The district also said in the news release that it will continue to review the details of the incident and will take steps to ensure that students are safe.

“We are so grateful to the professionals in our schools, the city and county police forces, and all of the first responders who acted quickly with empathy and respect,” the release stated. “School personnel acted quickly and professionally, as they have been trained to do in these sort of scenarios.”

Police told WSBT 22 that slippery road conditions may have played a role in the crash, but they are not sure whether that was the only factor.

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