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Reminder: Take Part in School Bus Fleet’s Special-Needs Survey

Posted on January 3, 2018
SBF's Special-Needs Survey covers such topics as student ridership, driver pay, and special-needs bus equipment. Photo by Bob Markwardt
SBF's Special-Needs Survey covers such topics as student ridership, driver pay, and special-needs bus equipment. Photo by Bob Markwardt

School Bus Fleet’s 2018 Special-Needs Survey is now underway, and we need your input.

The survey covers such topics as special-needs student ridership, mainstreaming, driver pay, and special-needs bus equipment.

Transportation directors, managers, and other officials at school districts and contractor companies can fill out the questionnaire via this link.

The results of the Special-Needs Survey will appear in the February issue of SBF.

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  • Bill Cavico

     | about 10 months ago

    too bad you're not seeking input from drivers. some of us have driven for 3 or more bus companies. I have questions I would to have answered like : 1) how many walk on special ed students can I carry before I must have an aide ? There is no standard !!!!! 2) how come all companies don't require an aide when there is a wheel chair student riding the bus ? 3) how come all special ed buses, at least wheel chair carrying buses, don't have rear air conditioning units ? 4) why aren't police at the schools nabbing stop arm runners when special ed buses are taking their normal, longer than standard bus, to load and unload ? 5) why does at least one school, because of security concerns, not allow a bus driver inside to use the restroom but then load up his bus with children ? 6) how come the person asking " Do you want fries with that ?" makes more money than the person driving your kids to and from school and on outings, and who also under goes annual physicals, random drug tests, back ground checks, etc ? ( happens because of minimum wage laws) 7) why weren't the unions allowed to join all union members across various companies and state lines to negotiate affordable medical insurance coverage with a pool of thousands of drivers and aides instead of a 100 or so at various business entities ? I am holding back here but you should really open the survey to drivers ! Bill C.

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