New Guide Promotes School Bus Stop-Arm Camera Advocacy

Thomas McMahon
Posted on November 14, 2017
Safe Kids Worldwide developed a guide to help in pushing for laws that allow stop-arm cameras on school buses.
Safe Kids Worldwide developed a guide to help in pushing for laws that allow stop-arm cameras on school buses.

A new resource from Safe Kids Worldwide gives guidance on how to advocate for stop-arm cameras on school buses.

Safe Kids Worldwide is a nonprofit that works to protect kids from unintentional injuries, which is the No. 1 cause of death for children in the U.S.

The organization recently developed a resource called “Take Action Toolkit: How to Fix an Unsafe School Zone.” The effort stemmed from Safe Kids Worldwide’s own study on safety risks for student pedestrians in school zones.

One component of the new toolkit targets illegal passing of school buses while students are loading or unloading. Safe Kids Worldwide developed a guide to help in pushing for laws that allow stop-arm cameras on school buses to catch and deter illegal passing.

The guide includes a model letter to invite people to a town hall to discuss the issue. It also provides links to state laws on stop-arm cameras; an outline for drafting new legislation; and lists of potential allies and other resources.

Safe Kids Worldwide’s stop-arm camera advocacy guide is available here.

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Thomas McMahon Executive Editor
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  • William Cavico

     | about 9 months ago

    I drive a special ed bus with students of various needs. Rarely a day goes by when at least one car has run my stop arm during pm pickup at school. The school's student (adult aides to the children) aides have taken to standing out in the street to stop cars from going through the stop arm and occasionally take verbal abuse. In my area the problem is mainly at the schools where either parents picking up kids or people trying to avoid traffic build up on adjacent major streets route through the school driving through the stop arms. Considering two aspects there may be a solution spread out to various agencies . In my instance placing outside school area security cameras, perhaps with financial support from Homeland, the district and community. Bearing in mind one state's implementation/enactment of civil fines for stop arm runners where only the license plate can be seen in the video perhaps I can get the school zone stop arm runners stopped. Thanks Schoolbus fleet I got this idea while reading this article.

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