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July 17, 2013  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

Mom allegedly boards bus, slaps student


TOMS RIVER, N.J. — A woman was arrested and faces several charges for allegedly boarding a school bus and slapping a 9-year-old boy in the face, Ocean Signal reports.

According to the news outlet, Rebecca Sardoni said that her actions were driven by her daughter being the victim of bullying. After Sardoni boarded the bus, she allegedly asked the students, “Who is Vinny?” After a boy at the rear of the bus reportedly raised his hand, she slapped him, with his head hitting a bus window. Tammi Millar, communications officer for Toms River Regional Schools, said that the student required treatment at a hospital.

Toms River Police Chief Michael Mastronardy told the Ocean Signal that not only did Sardoni hit a child, she struck a child who was not involved in the bullying incident. She was arrested and charged with simple assault, criminal trespass and terroristic threats. Mastronardy noted that this was not his department’s first run-in with Sardoni.

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A head being caused to hit the bus window so severely that medical attention was required doesn't sound like a slap in the face. And how did this person make it all the way down the bus aisle, shouting threats and whatever else, without anybody saying anything?

Alexander Rogge    |    Jul 18, 2013 08:42 PM

This is from last year. Why are we bringing this back up? Bottom line: If the person isn't a student who was assigned to that bus, NO ONE should be allowed on the bus. It should be a law in NJ and NY.

Archie    |    Jul 18, 2013 08:32 AM

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