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March 19, 2013  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

Teacher unknowingly allows sex offender on school bus


SAN JOSE, Calif. — Details have emerged about an incident last week in which a registered sex offender was allowed on a school bus, KGO reports.  

During a field trip to a college, a teacher offered a wheelchair-bound woman and her male companion a ride on the bus. East Side Union High School District Superintendent Chris Funk told the news outlet that the woman was the parent of one of the students. She and her companion did not ride over to the college on the bus, but they found themselves without a ride back, and they requested a ride on the bus.

It turned out that the woman’s male companion is a registered sex offender. The district’s and the police’s investigations have determined that he sat at the front of the bus, away from any students, and police say that it doesn’t appear that any crime was committed, but a school policy was violated.

Funk told the news outlet that he was “extremely disappointed and sad, and a little upset that this actually happened, this breach of our policy by one of our staff members.”

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The teacher must've felt badly for the people, but c'mon! Where was the driver's dialogue in this? They should have known protocol for which passengers are allowed on the bus and who isn't. Regardless if they knew he was a sex offender or not, he is not a parent or guardian of one of the children so he shouldn't have been allowed. These laws weren't written just for kicks. They're to protect our drivers and us defenseless students on the bus. Simply ridiculous. My driver is like a parrot with those rules (which I love, because he keeps us safe) and he ensures that all parents, faculty, and we the students follow the rules. I get how she could've done that, she saw the parent and the teacher just wanted to help, not do harm. But, these policies must be enforced no matter what. It's not to be mean, it's to keep our staff and students safe.

Archie Boo    |    Apr 01, 2013 01:43 PM

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