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March 12, 2012  |   Comments (3)   |   Post a comment

2 killed when bus strikes bridge pillar


INDIANAPOLIS — A school bus crashed into a railroad bridge pillar Monday morning, killing one child and the driver and critically injuring two other students, The Associated Press reports.

The bus was carrying 50 students to Indianapolis Lighthouse Charter School when the accident occurred. In addition to the fatalities and two criticial injuries, eight other students sustained more minor injuries.

Authorities said they did not yet know what caused the crash. Witnesses told investigators that the bus was not speeding or swerving.

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I want everyone to see the difference between a school bus and a regular charter bus. While sadly 2 died here all 28 died in the Swiss accident in a charter bus. If school districts get rid of their fleet and start using charter buses there will be a lot more deaths when there are crashes!

Melanie McMichael    |    Mar 14, 2012 09:37 AM

Training is always available. How well it is applied is up to each of us. We will not comment on what happened at this accident. As any professional school bus driver will tell you - anything can happen on the roadways when we are driving kids to and from school events. We should all wait until the final report is released by safety investigators. This definatley gives us all a chance to re-examine what safety practices we each adhere to when driving a vehicle. You cannot afford to take your eyes from the roadway for one second. As a local firefighter in Bedford IN told me, when he trains fellow fire fighters - he teaches them everything he knows. Then it is up to that individual to put the training into practice because it could save their life as well as others. So really - how well do all of us do at safety training? Our basic licenses and state school bus certificate demonstrates that we at least knew the basics in order to obtain our licenses and certificates. Hopefully our individual school systems revisits their own safety training and driver safety programs. It is a shame when people all of a sudden jump on the band wagon after an accident. Training is a PROACTIVE process and really should not be a reactive repsonse unless your school system simply does not have a local training program already in place. Again, it does boil down to each of us applying what we learned from the training we've been given. Any major Insurance company will be willing to send you safety training materials plus joining the NAPT or other school bus website associations can only benefit your school system. If you think this cannot happen to you - wake up. Dan Luttrell, Bedford, IN. Hearts goes out to the families involved.

Dan Luttrell    |    Mar 14, 2012 06:42 AM

How horrible! I can't imagine why he hit the pillar. Perhaps he was distracted by something or someone and he lost control of the wheel. I'm thankful every day none of my kids were injured in my accident and still think of the young man who died when he veered into my lane. 10 years ago and I can recall every detail as though it were yesterday. I sincerely hope those who were injured make a full recovery. My heart aches for the parents of the little girl. Adequate training is essential and I wonder just how extensive it is nationwide. Before my accident I drove in 3 different states and all varied in training, with New York being the most and South Carolina almost nonexistent. The practices here are downright scary.

Dreamz    |    Mar 13, 2012 08:37 PM

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