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February 29, 2012  |   Comments (2)   |   Post a comment

Camera system captures stop-arm violations


PHOENIX — Redflex Traffic Systems has introduced a product to the school bus market, REDFLEX Student Guardian, that captures images and video of motorists who pass stopped school buses as children are boarding and disembarking.

"The threat of injury or death is very real for the 26 million students nationwide who rely on school bus transportation," said Karen Finley, president and CEO of Redflex. "Student Guardian will serve as a constant reminder for drivers to stop behind every school bus and make sure those students are safe. I cannot think of a better use for our technologies than student safety."

Two cities in Connecticut are participating in pilot programs utilizing Student Guardian. Officials said the pilot programs will provide guidance to cities and school districts on which routes are the most dangerous in their communities.

"In today's world, we have embraced technology in almost every aspect of our lives, and I am pleased that we will pilot this high-tech program pertaining to bus safety," said Dr. Joseph Erardi Jr., superintendent of schools for Southington (Conn.) Public Schools.

Student Guardian’s camera system is installed on the front and rear driver's side of a school bus. It monitors traffic while the bus' stop arm is displayed, leaving the bus driver free to focus on students. Data supporting possible violations, including high-definition video and high-resolution images of license plates and drivers, is submitted to local law enforcement to determine whether a citation is warranted.

Student Guardian can be operated at no cost to taxpayers, and there is no upfront capital investment for cities and districts — the program is fully funded by violations, officials said.

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I have been saying we need something like this since I started driving bus four years ago. Just this morning two people in a row ran my stop sign. I am trying to get these kids in safe and do not have the time to write all the details I need on one car running it, let alone two in a row. There is so much info I need to give to police for a citation to be issued, it would be nice to have a camera record it so I can worry about it once I have the kids safely to school or home.

Jamie M    |    Mar 02, 2012 07:23 AM

When is this coming to Minnesota we need that downtown and in the burbs where these people never get caught,one person does it and they all think they can do it,and when you do get there info its usally your word against theirs,with no proof or video unless the cop is right there.sincerly,Asst.Safety Director MTN.Rodney Booth

Rodney    |    Mar 02, 2012 03:59 AM

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