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Program aims to protect children at bus stops
July 27, 2010
Under “Stop Watch,” set to launch this fall, trained volunteers will look for suspicious activity at school bus stops in a Florida community. The volunteers will be provided with a cell phone that can contact 911 when they see questionable activity.
Teen driver arrested in fatal bus crash
July 26, 2010
Seventeen-year-old whose car collided with a school bus faces charges including negligent homicide with motor vehicle. The crash killed one student and spurred efforts to get seat belts on buses in Connecticut.
Bus driver helps save student’s life
July 23, 2010
Cristina Rickert stopped her bus when she saw students playing recklessly on a snow bank on the side of the road. One of the students then slid under the wheels of the bus. Rickert receives the 2010 New York State Bus Driver Heroism Award for her actions.
City officials approve seat belt use requirement
July 22, 2010
In a "zero tolerance" approach, the Board of Selectmen in Burlington, Mass., makes a move to ensure more citizens are buckled up when driving. Officials place a special emphasis on school bus seat belt use, as the city is one of the few in the area where buses are equipped with belts.
Crew honored for extinguishing bus fire
July 20, 2010
The men receive the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s Extra Mile Award for their actions in June. The bus had been traveling on the opposite side of the road when they saw smoke coming out from under its hood. After the bus pulled over, the men put out the fire while the bus driver evacuated the 19 students on board.
District responds to child-left-on-bus incident
July 15, 2010
Proposal recommends installation of electronic child check devices on all of Richmond Public Schools' 217 buses.
District moves to all belted bus seating
July 14, 2010
IMMI wins contract to supply lap-shoulder belt seats for school buses serving San Bernardino (Calif.) City USD. The district’s contractor, National Express, purchased an entirely new fleet of 280 buses from Thomas Built.
NTSB issues new bus safety recommendations
July 13, 2010
Some of the recommendations to NHTSA could affect school buses, such as a proposal that all buses above 10,000 pounds be required to have on-board recording systems.
Study: School bus passenger seat belt use on the rise
July 13, 2010
The results of the University of Alabama's pilot project studying the implementation of seat belts on school buses will be released soon. Researchers say the number of students wearing the belts properly has risen during the last year.
Go tell it on the mountain
July 13, 2010

Yellow school buses are one of DOT’s best success stories. This accomplishment needs to be told not so much for those in our industry but for the elected officials and citizens of cities across the country that are being forced to make difficult budgetary decisions.

Driver reports school bus sprayed with pesticide
July 6, 2010
A school bus driver reports that her bus was sprayed with pesticide when she was driving past an orchard last week. Twelve students were on board, but no illnesses have been reported as a result of the spray.
Veteran school bus driver retires
July 6, 2010
Eleanor Jackson drove buses for two years in Rhode Island and then for two school districts in Maine for 39 years. She believes that the key to transporting students successfully is treating them with respect.
IMMI offers SafeGuard Summer Exchange program
July 1, 2010
Through the program, school districts can replace SafeGuard STAR restraints and other restraints manufactured in 2004 or earlier. After districts remove the manufacturing labels from the retired products, they will be sent a $15 coupon toward the purchase of new STAR restraints. The program runs until Sept. 30.
District pushes for increased traffic control near buses
June 29, 2010
To bolster student safety, Dallas County Schools officials have asked a city council committee to pass an ordinance for zones to be created around school buses that motorists could not cross while the buses’ stop arms are deployed.
Student struck by bus last week dies
June 24, 2010
Police in Pennsylvania said it appeared that the 6-year-old boy darted in front of the bus near his home. He had been hospitalized since the June 16 accident.
Que sera, sera?
June 24, 2010

It’s easy to get mired down in all the bad economic news these days. It’s everywhere and affects nearly everyone. As bad as it seems, there are actually choices for school bus professionals trying to deal with the new economic realities. Acknowledge that the “good ol’ days” have been replaced with a new reality requiring a more energized professional advocacy.

Share your safety tips
June 17, 2010
SBF wants your contributions for a forthcoming article on ways to enhance safety at school bus operations. We’ll cover a wide range of areas, including on the bus, during loading/unloading, in the bus lot and in the garage.
NAPT calls for Heroism Award nominations
June 17, 2010
For a person to be considered as a recipient, he or she must be a pupil transportation professional who performed a life-saving act, or the action must directly affect a pupil transportation program. The deadline for submissions is Sept. 1.
Transportation department develops safety programs
June 17, 2010
Bus drivers will be able to reward students for participating in the "Meet Me at the Bus Stop" and "My Brother's Keeper" programs, both of which are designed to improve school bus safety. The developments come after an accident in which a kindergartner was struck and killed by a passing motorist.
BusConduct celebrates 10 years of bus safety
June 15, 2010
Since 2000, the Web-based application has been used to help discipline over 78,000 students nationwide, resulting in increased school bus safety and happier bus drivers, company officials say.

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