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August 11, 2011  |   Comments (1)   |   Post a comment

LEDs Offer an Array of Advantages

Suppliers of light-emitting diode (LED) systems say they provide greater longevity, visibility and efficiency. Here, we provide details on some of the latest LED units for school buses.

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SoundOff Signal

The 7-inch round 756 Series from SoundOff Signal is an eight-way LED warning lighting system for school buses. Company officials say that LED lighting offers fleets reliable, unmatched light output, greater efficiency with a lower amp draw, reduced vehicle downtime and reduced maintenance costs. SoundOff Signal’s lights are optically engineered to increase brightness and off-angle visibility, and they exceed FMVSS and SAE requirements. The units feature sonic-welded, waterproof construction and reinforced stainless-steel screw bosses. The lens’ UV inhibitor prevents sun fade. The 756 Series lights offer two modes: steady burn and strobing.

The 4-inch LED curb/entry light from SoundOff Signal has a specially engineered Fresnel lens to boost light output and brightness. Its durable and rustproof polycarbonate housing comes in a black finish to complement other bus accessories and lights. The sonic-welded, waterproof construction makes the light suitable for exterior or interior use. Like the 756 Series, its lens has a UV inhibitor to prevent sun fade and discoloration. The curb/entry light, which passes IP67 testing, also features a surface-mount design and includes mounting screws with 6.5-inch two-wire lead. It offers input voltage of 10 to 30 VDC.

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