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With parent input, Atlanta adds 49 buses, 850 stops

By Thomas McMahon


ATLANTA – Atlanta Public Schools is revising its school bus routes in response to issues that have arisen since school started last week.

The changes are based on a comprehensive district-wide review of the transportation system and on parent input during the first week and a half of classes.

Officials said that the district “has developed a strategy based on a review of the issues that surfaced … and has begun implementing a plan to ensure that all students travel to and from their schools in a safe and efficient manner.”

The plan, which will be carried out over the next several weeks, includes adding 49 more buses to the fleet and 850 more bus stops to existing routes. The district will also add more crossing guards to help students cross busy streets and intersections.

It will cost an estimated $2.8 million to implement the adjustments.

“The district will identify specific areas where budgeted revenues can be redirected to support these transportation changes,” officials said.

Among the concerns from parents were factors that could impact their children’s safety if they had to walk to school, such as crime, overgrown vegetation on lots, abandoned buildings and stray animals. Atlanta Public Schools said that it will collaborate with local and state agencies and organizations to address the root causes of those issues.

The district also said that it will continue to take in parent input on pupil transportation and will consider changes on a case-by-case basis. Changes to bus routes and stops will be announced every Friday via the district website, e-mails, automated phone calls, Twitter, flyers and letters.

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