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railroad crossing

School bus driver fired after near miss with train

A Texas driver drove over railroad tracks and stopped at a stop sign, but was still too close to the tracks, and a train just missed hitting the bus. She was fired for not following standard rail crossing procedures.

$204K awarded for rail crossing safety campaigns

Operation Lifesaver and the Federal Highway Administration award grants to 13 states for public education projects that target students, school bus drivers, Spanish-speaking populations and the news media.

1,100 school bus drivers, attendants train in ‘Safety Expo’

Houston Independent School District’s back-to-school transportation training program includes hands-on drills in railroad crossing safety, gang awareness, student management, hurricane preparedness and other topics. As Transportation General Manager Nathan Graf puts it, “It was not your typical training.”

Distraction, blocked view caused school bus rail crossing accident, officials say

An investigation conducted by the Transportation Safety Board of Canada into the March 26, 2013, collision in Carlyle, Saskatchewan, found that the driver was likely distracted by tasks associated with road traffic and pedestrian activity near the crossing at the time of the accident. The school bus’ frame (A-pillar) and side mirror adjacent to the door also obstructed the driver’s view and concealed the train when the driver looked for a train.

Crash averted when school bus stalls on train tracks

In Norwalk, Conn., a school bus reportedly experiences a mechanical malfunction as it is crossing railroad tracks, leaving it stranded. The bus driver evacuates the 40 elementary students on board, and the operator of an approaching commuter train is able to stop 10 feet before the bus.

Victims of deadly 1938 bus-train crash remembered

A monument is unveiled in South Jordan, Utah, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the accident, in which the bus driver and 23 students were killed after the train struck the bus as it crossed railroad tracks. The accident reportedly led to a nationwide law requiring buses to stop at all railroad crossings so the driver can both look and listen for oncoming trains.