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Tips for promoting the importance of school buses

A free web seminar sponsored by the American School Bus Council and presented by SBF will offer guidance on communicating the environmental, economic, educational and safety benefits of the yellow bus.

NBA great promotes the yellow bus

In a new PSA in Utah, former basketball All-Star Mark Eaton explains that the state's school buses "save over $40 million and reduce over 11 million gallons of fuel."

LaHood honors school bus drivers

The U.S. secretary of transportation and other dignitaries praise the nation's pupil transportation system at a Love the Bus event in Maryland.

Go tell it on the mountain

Yellow school buses are one of DOT’s best success stories. This accomplishment needs to be told not so much for those in our industry but for the elected officials and citizens of cities across the country that are being forced to make difficult budgetary decisions.

You've got the wrong bus

I also have to wonder whether the story would have spread so fast and so far if it hadn’t initially been called a “school bus crash.”

NAPT News & Views

Today’s school bus issues can make exciting headlines A decade or so ago, news stories about school buses mostly only reported on crashe...