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6 Tips for Saving Water With Bus Wash Systems

Measures to cut water use while maintaining a clean fleet include brush systems, nozzle upkeep, and using foams and soap alternatives such as vehicle wash agents, suppliers say.

Bus washing: soft touch or touchless?

When it comes to wash systems, two thoughts prevail: brushes scratch and a touchless wash doesn’t clean the film off the vehicle. Both are somewhat true when you are not optimizing the equipment or using the proper methods to maximize the results. Here are tips for effective use.

The impact of bus washing

A consistent wash system can have a positive impact on image, driver satisfaction, extended equipment life and environmental considerations.

Bus washing made easy

Today’s systems include features that enable users to maintain a spotless fleet quickly, all while reducing water and energy consumption.

Bus Washing Is a Matter of Touch

When it comes to his school bus fleet, “Image is everything,” says Al Olkowitz, transportation administrator at Jackson Township (N.J.) School Distric...

How to Choose a 'Clean Machine'

School bus operators need to consider fleet size, budget limitations and water quality before purchasing a bus-washing system.