School Bus Driver Told by Police to Stop Blocking Road With Bus

Posted on November 26, 2018

SUTTON, Mass. — After a school bus driver who was apparently frustrated with motorists illegally passing school buses reportedly blocked a road diagonally with her bus in response was told by police to stop, Telegram & Gazette reports.

Photos of the bus parked across the two-lane road earlier this month were posted on Facebook (see photo posted to the Sutton Police Department Facebook page below). Some people praised the driver’s actions and others questioned whether it was safe, particularly in an emergency. In the post, the police department explained that state law requires all vehicles to stop for a school bus with flashing red lights, and that the vehicles cannot proceed until the flashing lights are deactivated.

"We cannot be everywhere at once when there are school buses on the road, though we wish we could," the police department stated in the post. "It's a frustrating fact that motorists have become increasingly distracted, and at times do no obey the law regarding stopping for a school bus." The police department added in the post that although the bus blocking both lanes in the road ensures that motorists cannot pass the stopped bus, "crossing the center line could be considered a marked lanes violation, and be cited as a verbal warning, written warning or a civil fine to the driver (which he/she would have a right of appeal like any other motorist cited.)"

Police Chief Dennis J. Towle told the newspaper that it was illegal for the bus driver to block the road. Lt. David Perry told Telegram & Gazette that he had contacted the bus company and that the driver had been spoken to. Towle, however, did note that motorists “need to pay attention to school buses and stop.”

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  • Pam

     | about 6 months ago

    I would just like to say it's TRUE the police cant be everywhere to see vehicles pass a school bus. But it's still a dilemma because if we can take our until the police they can't do nothing about it because they didn't see it happen. So we as bus drivers are damned if we do damned if we don't. How are we as bus drivers supposed to keep these kids safe from getting hit by any vehicle seriously injured or even killed because of the driver of that vehicles stupidity.. I do agree we should not block the road.!!!! Then please tell us what to do. What is a bus driver supposed to do. ????? I do want to say that cameras on our stop sign sides is a very good idea for All Buses 400 thousand kids ride the bus in Massachusetts alone how many kids have to get HIT or KILLED OR SERIOUSLY INJURED because of a driver passing a school bus with the red lights flashing. VEHICLES PASS US from in front of us from behind us and both sides of us... The police can't be everywhere so we need eyes for them having cameras on the sides we'll take care of that it should not be legal to have a camera on the side of your bus a law should be passed for that to happen. If the police can't catch them or see it then the cameras will. CHILDREN ARE OUT FUTURE WE NEED TO PROTECT THEM &KEEP THEM SAFE !!!!!

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