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Thomas has been covering the pupil transportation industry with School Bus Fleet since 2002. When he's not writing articles about yellow buses, he enjoys swimming, riding bicycles and running long distances.

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Don’t dismiss this idea

What else can be done to protect students from stop-arm runners while they cross the street? There’s one approach that, despite its long record of effectiveness, is only required in one state.


Atlantic Express to shut down at year’s end

After its unionized drivers voted down a new contract offer, the nearly 50-year-old school bus operator says it will close the business. “We gave the union our best offer, which was significantly better than what the new companies in the industry are providing,” Atlantic Express officials say in a statement. “Without this labor contract, we have no choice left but to proceed with the sale of all of the company’s assets and contracts.”

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Don't make driver the scapegoat in school bus attack

The horrific beating of a 13-year-old school bus passenger by three 15-year-olds has sparked heated media coverage recently. It seems that most of the ire has been aimed at the bus driver, with many observers suggesting that he should have done more to help the victim. The uproar raises a few nagging questions in my mind. ...


Atlantic Express files for bankruptcy

The school bus contractor cites a union battle, bidding issues and challenging earnings as key factors. The company will continue normal operations during the Chapter 11 process.

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Where do our old school buses go?

Would you believe “Jurassic Park”? We’ve seen photos of old American school buses, painted over in a variety of bright colors and designs, that have taken on a new life in public transportation in Central or South America. But this is a surprising new example of a second act for our school buses.

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Did 'Idiot' Sign Sentence Go Too Far — Or Not Far Enough?

I have to admit: I was almost feeling bad for Shena Hardin, the woman who drove her SUV on a sidewalk to get by a stopped school bus. Not because she didn't deserve to be punished for her outrageously reckless driving — she certainly did. But it seemed to me that the highly publicized component of her sentence — standing at the scene of the crime with an "idiot" sign — was a case of a judge getting carried away. ...

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