5 New Technology Offerings for Pupil Transportation

Sadiah Thompson
Posted on January 7, 2020

Photo courtesy AMF-Bruns of America
Photo courtesy AMF-Bruns of America
Integrated mirrors with driver alert LEDs, an artificial intelligence-powered stop-arm camera system, and heavy-duty wheelchair tie-downs were some of the latest technology options showcased at the NAPT trade show on Nov. 5 in Columbus, Ohio.

Head, Backrest Anchorage Includes Side-Wall Installation for Wheelchair Passengers

AMF-Bruns’ FutureSafe Head and Backrest/Seatbelt Anchorage allows wheelchair passengers with upper mobility issues to travel safely and comfortably in the event of an accident or sudden stop. With two quick movements, the side-entry system locks behind the wheelchair passenger and/or driver to provide maximum security. The latest version of FutureSafe includes a side-wall installation option for vehicles unable to accommodate floor-mount installations due to sub-flooring. The side-wall mount attaches the FutureSafe to an aluminum track mounted on the vehicle’s interior wall.
AMF-Bruns of America

Photo courtesy First Light
Photo courtesy First Light

Illuminated School Bus Stop Sign, Stop Arm

First Light’s patent-pending Illuminated School Bus Sign and Illuminated Stop Arm are designed to make the journey to and from school safer for students. Serving as its own light source, the edge-lit reflective technology creates a bright and uniform illumination that is visible over 1,000 feet, readable over 300 feet, and at multiple angles, especially in low lighting and dangerous weather conditions.
The fully sealed, externally mounted design of the Illuminated School Bus Sign prevents water and dust from entering the bus, therefore, keeping the bulkheads dry and eliminating rust. Along with quick and easy installation, the signs are low maintenance, resulting in minimal service costs, according to the supplier.
First Light

Photo courtesy 247Security
Photo courtesy 247Security

Stop-Arm Camera System Features Artificial Intelligence

SmartStop from 247Security Inc. uses artificial intelligence technology for stop-arm violation processing. The solution is designed to automatically detect and gather information from an infraction as photographic and GPS evidence is captured, analyzed, and dispatched without the need for human interaction. With various levels of reporting available, SmartStop is able to directly provide evidence to law enforcement or other ticketing agencies. The scalable feature works with ZeusPT to deliver 1080P images during the daytime or nighttime from multiple angles.

Photo courtesy Rosco Vision Systems
Photo courtesy Rosco Vision Systems

Integrated Mirrors With Driver Alert LEDs

Rosco Vision Systems’ new Eye-Max LED, in partnership with Thomas Built Buses, is designed to maximize visibility in dark and low lighting conditions. With the Eye-Max LED, objects and children in front of the school bus are clearly visible to the driver. The driver alert LEDs and illuminating undermount lights brighten the front danger zone with 200 lumens and use projection lenses to ensure maximum coverage. The mirror is also engineered to withstand pressure washes and features a modular design.
Rosco Vision Systems

Photo courtesy Q'Straint
Photo courtesy Q'Straint

Heavy Duty Wheelchair Tie-Downs

The Q’Straint QRT-360 four-point tie-downs are built to withstand the higher loads of the WC18 standard and are compatible with WC19 wheelchairs. The tie-downs are automatic and retractable, utilizing energy management designs and material technologies to deliver the system’s full strength for maximum load capacity, according to the supplier.

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