Image Courtesy of Getty Images

Image Courtesy of Getty Images

As spring unfolds, it is important for school districts to proactively strategize for the winterization of their school bus fleets.

Maintenance teams need to schedule comprehensive inspections to assess the condition of heaters, tires and anti-freeze levels to ensure buses can operate safely in colder temperatures. Driver training sessions need to be planned to equip drivers with the necessary skills to navigate icy roads and manage winter weather challenges effectively.

It’s important to also plan for the safety of students and drivers as they get on and off buses during the winter months and heated, ice-free steps can be an important part of this planning. Not only students have fallen on bus steps, but drivers have also had career ending falls. Avoiding one lawsuit could potentially pay for your entire fleet.

Bus step tread heaters can be installed on buses at the factory level and can be retrofitted on existing buses to keep students and drivers safe as they get on and off buses during the winter months.

In addition to increasing safety for everyone riding a bus and reducing liability for school districts and bus companies, step tread heaters are a “green” method of removing snow and ice from bus steps because they eliminate the need for chemical deicers and salts which can also cause corrosion. No longer will bus drivers have to chip ice from steps or make sure their bus has salt, sand, or de-icing chemicals on board.

Bus step tread heaters are installed under the tread of bus steps to directly heat the tread and immediately melt snow and ice. They are also far more efficient and long-lasting as compared to the duct/blower system. 

Bust step tread heaters are economical and affordable and will extend the life of treads. Why should school districts spend money on chemicals they must continually repurchase and store? They require no maintenance, have lasted up to 10-15 years and are a rugged, dependable tool for winter safety. They turn on with a flick of a switch.

Bus step tread heaters are always in stock and available for immediate turnaround. Your school district can now have peace of mind knowing students and drivers will be far safer entering and exiting school buses this coming winter.