Photo credit: HopSkipDrive/Courtesy of Tolleson Union High School District

Photo credit: HopSkipDrive/Courtesy of Tolleson Union High School District

The leadership and staff at Tolleson Union High School District in Arizona work hard every day to ensure that all of the district’s students have access to safe and dependable transportation.

Like many other districts across the country, Tolleson was facing transportation challenges related to staffing shortages and the complexities involved in providing reliable, affordable transportation for all students, including those with unique needs and schedules.

A complementary — and effective — solution

Thanks to a strategic partnership with HopSkipDrive, Tolleson was able to devise a unique “hub-and-spoke” transportation model to help fulfill individualized student transportation needs. Using HopSkipDrive’s innovative technology-based solutions, Tolleson has been able to:

  • Offer consistent transportation for students experiencing homelessness and foster care students, enabling them to participate in extracurricular activities

  • Provide accessible transportation for open enrollment students who live outside district boundaries
  • Lessen the burden on school staff with HopSkipDrive’s user-friendly RideIQ platform
  • Offset bus driver shortages with HopSkipDrive’s scalable network of certified CareDrivers
  • Build trust with parents by giving them real-time visibility into ride progress via the HopSkipDrive parent/caregiver app

In the case study video below, Tolleson’s Chief Financial Officer, Jeremy Calles, and Director of Grants and Federal Programs, Dr. Rosalva Lagunas, talk about the many ways Tolleson’s partnership with HopSkipDrive has benefitted district staff, students and families.

HopSkipDrive works with school districts, counties and nonprofit partners across the country to ensure all children have access to opportunities. Connect with us to learn more about how we can work with your district to help you solve your unique transportation challenges.