Can you get all 10 correct answers without peeking?  -  Image: Canva

Can you get all 10 correct answers without peeking?

Image: Canva

How close are you paying attention to the vital school transportation news that shows up here at School Bus Fleet? See if you can answer all 10 questions in this quiz. Feel free to send those answers to

  1. Which company this week rolled the first electric school bus off an assembly line in Joliet, Ill.?
  2. Who was the grand prize winner in the Propane Education & Research Council’s “Be Like Jack” contest?
  3. What Colorado charter school now has a fully electric school bus fleet?
  4. What’s fine about 49 in the “Electric Selections” episode of The Route?
  5. How many Type A school buses are expected to be made through a partnership between Phoenix Motorcars and Pegasus Specialty Vehicles during the next three years?
  6. Who is Student Transportation of America’s new vice president for electrification and sustainability?
  7. When does the “under-the-hood” waiver for intrastate CDL license testing now expire?
  8. In which city was the 2022 NASDPTS annual conference held?
  9. How many clean school buses were requested for the state of Louisiana?
  10. What’s New York’s only school bus manufacturer?
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