In 2021, highlights on the School Bus Fleet website included blog posts about COVID safety measures, fleet electrification, and the nationwide driver shortage.

Here are the year's most-viewed SBF blog posts:

1. 3 Myths of School Bus Electrification (Published: July 23)


With already constrained budgets, it’s important to arm school districts with the insight they need to make smart and strategic electrification investments.

2. 3 Steps for Cleaning, Disinfecting Interior School Bus Surfaces (Published: Aug. 10)


Failing to properly treat high‐touch surfaces on the bus can place passengers and drivers at risk. The following three tips follow protocols used by hospitals to prevent the spread of harmful bacteria and viruses.

3. Schools Must Consider Complete Compensation Package to Gain, Retain Drivers (Published: Dec. 7)


Brendan Wagner, pupil transportation director for the Scottsdale (Ariz.) Unified School District, shares his thoughts on attacking the nationwide school bus driver shortage - and it can't focus entirely on the wage rate.

4. Future Proof Your Electric Bus Charging with Vehicle-to-Grid (Published: Sept. 15)


Vehicle-to-grid technology can help reduce costs by charging fleets when electricity rates are low and managing the precise charge rate to make sure bus batteries are not negatively impacted.

5. Public-Private Partnerships Are Key to Turning the Corner on Infrastructure (Published: June 9)


Increasingly, more states have had to get innovative to solve their infrastructure issues. Public-private partnerships are powerful and produce benefits for all involved. These are relationships combining resources and knowledge that can profoundly enhance underserved communities.

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