In 2021, highlights on the School Bus Fleet website included stories about how fleets are electrifying, continuing to adjust to new cleaning and safety protocols during the COVID pandemic, and preparing for the newly passed bipartisan infrastructure legislation.

Here are the year's most-viewed SBF feature articles:

1. Bus Electrification Partnership to Drive Cost Savings, Cleaner Air (Published: Jan. 6)


In this Q and A, Dominion Energy’s Dan Weekley talks about fleet integration plans and dollar and power savings from vehicle-to-grid technology. Meanwhile, Thomas Built Buses offers tips for partnering with a power company.

2. Moving to Full Fleet Electrification: A Look at 3 Districts' Plans (Published: April 14)


Maryland, New York, and California districts skip the typical small-scale purchase of one or two electric buses for a pilot and plot complete fleet transitions. Plans include funding and making the undertaking budget neutral.

3. How to Prepare for Potential Threats to School Bus Safety, Security (Published: July 12)


With threats ranging from hijackings to active shooter scenarios, you can never be too prepared. Here, SBF rounded up several best practices for de-escalating violent incidents on the bus, and equipping districts with tools to develop their own training programs.

4. 5 Warning Signs of a Potential School Shooter (Published: April 13)


With more schools reopening for in-person instruction, campuses are again at heightened risk of school shootings. A security consultant shares a handful of indicators to look for.

5. U.S. Infrastructure Bill Primer: Billions of Dollars on the Way for the Ground Transportation Sector (Published: Dec. 1)


The infrastructure bill is being touted as a generational investment in America’s infrastructure, with $550 billion in funds being targeted towards improving roads, removing lead water pipelines, upgrading bridges, and expanding broadband accessibility.

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