Safety is our #1 priority.

Here are a few HopSkipDrive safety statistics:

  • Distracted driving is currently the #1 cause of traffic accidents in the U.S. HopSkipDrive CareDrivers’ device use while driving was 8X less than the general population!
  • The overall collision rate on the HopSkipDrive platform per mile driven was 140 times lower than the national average!
  • CareDrivers were found to be 75.9% safer than all global drivers.
  • HopSkipDrive CareDrivers were found to be 71.9% safer when compared against all Global TNCs.
  • An overwhelming majority of HopSkipDrive rides — 99.584% — were completed without any type of safety-related issue.
  • 0.000% of HopSkipDrive rides experienced a critical safety incident of any kind.

How did we get to these results?

Not without proactivity, technological innovation and a relentless focus on data.

We believe safety is more than just checking a box for compliance. It means being proactive about new safety measures, innovative about using technology and new processes, and being relentless about data-driven iteration.

Telematics for Optimal Safety

HopSkipDrive technology is designed for maximum safety through the use of telematics, with an industry leading third-party app recording events of the six riskiest driving behaviors, including device use while driving, hard braking, rapid acceleration, tight turning, etc.

HopSkipDrive can actually see the data on driving behavior and enable complete transparency for drivers. At the end of each week, CareDrivers receive information about their own driving patterns from the week before, along with resources on safe driving.  

This technology is critical to our safety mission: we know what matters must be measured through technology.

Without telematics, we’d have a limited view of how safe we really are. We’d only understand driving behavior if there was a critical incident. We wouldn’t be able to examine behaviors in a continuous way and send information that may help a driver make safer decisions. We wouldn’t be able to glean daily insights from our technology.


We also wouldn’t be able to publish an annual Safety Report measuring driving behavior against industry benchmarks. We do this to hold ourselves, and the industry, accountable.

Protecting Data Privacy

Technology brings about data privacy concerns, especially when serving children. We’ve implemented administrative, technical, and physical security controls designed to safeguard Personal Information. This is built into our technology.

CareDrivers can only see pick-up and drop-off locations when claiming rides. Only after the ride has been matched to a CareDriver will they see any ride notes; only upon pick-up will the CareDriver see the Rider’s information. Once the ride is complete, Rider information is again masked in the CareDriver’s ride history. Rider and Ride Organizer phone numbers are masked via in-app communication.

COVID-Safe Ride Standards

Technology is key to our COVID-Safe Ride Standards, enabling CareDrivers to affirm they have no COVID-19 symptoms or have not been exposed to COVID-19 each day they’re offering a ride as well as enabling them to affirm they’ve cleaned and sanitized their vehicle before each ride.

In-app notifications remind Ride Organizers not to schedule rides for Riders with COVID-19 symptoms and/or if they have been exposed to COVID-19, as well as reminds all Users of the platform that they must be equipped with personal protective equipment. In addition, our tech enables real-time feedback, critical to compliance by all Users.

We built reminders and confirmations into the technology workflow before launching our Standards, knowing that tech was necessary alongside processes and first-in-market features like plastic dividers between front and back seats.

This tech also helps our partners because HopSkipDrive can facilitate anonymous COVID-19 exposure reporting to the extent that such notification does not jeopardize privacy interests. (No personal information is shared in the process.)


Tech makes our life easier, but how can we use it to be safer?

When products and services call themselves safe, are they truly pushing what is ‘safe’ forward into the future? Are they creating and adapting technology for the purpose of safety? And how accountable are they to their metrics; how much do they use safety data to iterate? 

We must rethink safety. Safety means going above and beyond current ‘norms’ to set a much, much higher bar for ourselves, and the industry as a whole. It means being proactive, innovative and relentless.

Safety is everything.

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