A Florida school bus driver has passed away after contracting COVID-19 just weeks before she planned to retire, WJXT reports.

Gail Brusseau, 66, who worked for Clay County District Schools, had transported students to and from school in Clay County for the last 26 years, and had recently driven special-needs students, according to the news source.

Brusseau’s husband told the news source that when the pandemic hit, Brusseau said she would work for one more year. After school one day, however, Brusseau said she would instead retire in December. Then, after about the third week into the school year, she became ill and tested positive for coronavirus. Her husband said she was in an Intensive Care Unit for 31 days, then put on life support, and passed away on Oct. 9, WJXT reports.

Brusseau’s co-workers from the school district’s transportation department parked her bus outside the lot and placed flowers along the wheels and the front of the bus, according to the news source. Clay County District Schools released a statement, obtained by WJXT, in which it expressed sadness over Brusseau’s passing, extended condolences to her loved ones, and acknowledged Brusseau’s dedication to the district for over 20 years, expressing gratitude for her service and vowing to honor her legacy.

The district told the news source that it has followed procedures to clean the bus after each route at the end of the day and has required students to wear masks and use assigned seating.

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