After more than five decades of service, a 100-year-old school bus monitor from Oceanside (N.Y.) School District is saying farewell to the yellow bus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Newsday reports.

Yolanda Imbriano, who just turned 100 in August, had planned to return to work for the start of the 2020-21 school year until her doctor advised against it due to the pandemic, according to the news source.

Imbriano told Newsday that she held several positions over her 55-year tenure at Oceanside School District, including starting out as a lunch monitor in 1965, in which she made $1.25 an hour. When she became a bus monitor, Imbriano added that she "enjoyed every bit" of the job and would often sing to students and tell them stories.

Rachael Blackman, a transportation dispatcher for the district, told the news source that Imbriano is “the most vibrant, energetic person and always happy to work.”

Oceanside School District's Superintendent Phyllis S. Harrington added that Imbriano’s dedication to the district is “an incredible milestone,” and the district wishes her “the very best of good health and happiness in her retirement.”

View Oceanside School District's message to Imbriano, linking to the full Newsday story, on the district’s Facebook page below.