Alliance Bus Group is now offering an extensive line of products that enable operators to protect the safety of passengers and drivers from COVID-19 on their vehicles.

In helping to stop the spread of coronavirus, Alliance Bus Group has introduced a comprehensive protection plan covering all high contact areas involved with transporting passengers to provide the safest possible transportation environment.

Alliance’s system utilizes a 4 step “Green Light” methodology that begins with a thorough decontamination of the vehicle using a true gas that is most effective in penetrating all areas. Step two is ensuring the driver is protected utilizing an adaptable and customizable enclosure. Next, the passenger area is retrofitted to ensure social distancing as well as making obvious recommended best practices. Finally, A/C purification systems make sure air that is re-circulated is as clean and safe as possible in the current operating environment.

These solutions are applicable to all types of vehicles — including mobility vans, transit buses, shuttle buses, tour coaches, paratransit buses, and more — and across all industries.

Originally posted on Metro Magazine