BURLINGTON, Ill. — A police report reveals that a former school bus aide accused of punching a special-needs student in October told the bus driver the boy hit his head on the window and her arm, according to the Daily Herald.

According to a report obtained by the newspaper in November, deputies who watched bus video of the Oct. 2 incident wrote that bus aide Jean M. Micklevitz, 63, apparently “made affirmative movements possibly hitting (the student) in the mouth with her right arm.” The bus driver, whose name was redacted from the report, told authorities in an interview on Oct. 14 that she was calling to get help for the student, who had kicked Micklevitz in the face, when the driver saw Micklevitz's right arm make a punching motion twice, the Daily Herald reports. The boy started crying, according to the report, and yelled that Micklevitz “knocked out his tooth." Micklevitz tended to the boy, who was bleeding, found one tooth, and put it in a napkin for the boy's mom. The report also states that the bus driver heard Micklevitz say that the boy hit his head on the window, but believes Micklevitz hit the student, according to the Daily Herald.

The bus driver and Micklevitz were fired. Micklevitz was arrested in late October and charged with aggravated battery to a child under 13, a felony with a sentencing range of probation to up to five years in prison, the newspaper reports.

Micklevitz told investigators that she hadn’t received training on responding to difficult behavior from a child. She provided a written statement on Oct. 2, according to the Daily Herald, in which she said the boy tried to bite her several times and he was in restraints at home for an hour before getting on the bus. Tom Stirn, the superintendent for Central Community Unit School District 301, wrote in an email on Nov. 1, the newspaper reports, that Micklevitz received training in August to help accommodate the student's needs and on nonviolent crisis intervention and de-escalation techniques.

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