Rotary’s new R5000HD Commercial Truck Alignment System is designed to make aligning heavy-duty buses, trucks, and other vehicles easy by eliminating the need for rolling compensation that is required by other systems.

The alignment system contacts the wheel at the bolt circle instead of the outer edge, which can take the guesswork out of alignments and eliminate additional labor time, expense, and physical effort associated with compensation. It can also reduce labor time by automatically measuring the axle offset on every alignment electronically, and notifying the technician of any problems.

The system doesn’t require a tower at the front of the bay, and it has no minimum bay size requirements. The portable aligner console can be positioned anywhere in available bay space.

The R5000HD features infrared transmission among measuring heads. Each measuring head has controls to allow technicians to control the alignment process without having to return to the console, which can be located up to 59 feet away.