Seon now offers vMax Compass, a complete suite of school transportation solutions designed to work seamlessly together to deliver the real-time information needed to plan safe routes, track vehicles and student ridership, and capture, record and automatically download video of on-board incidents. The system provides transportation staff with immediate, web-based access to all of their critical school transportation information from anywhere, anytime, company officials said.

In an emergency situation, integrated information from a single solution is essential to coordinate the quickest possible response. For example, when a bus is involved in an accident, transportation directors can locate that bus on a map and identify the closest alternative bus or emergency response team. Because the routing software is synchronized with the school district’s student information system, staff can run a report to bring up a list of students currently traveling on the bus, and start to inform their emergency contacts of the situation, while the transportation director travels to the scene to document the crash.

With Seon’s integrated routing, GPS and student ridership tracking technology, school districts can display planned vs. actual routes on a single screen to identify missed stops, speeding or other unwanted driver behavior, according to the company. Districts can also monitor the health of their on-board technology in real time. Additionally, Seon’s solution combines the power of video to deliver additional contextual information about any critical on-board situation.