The Titan800, a new wheelchair securement retractor in the existing Titan product line, is designed to meet the latest WC18 industry regulations, which take effect December 2015, company officials said. While the retractor has been completely redesigned, it has familiar highlights, including an auto-tensioning feature that helps webbing automatically retract into the housing and stay off the floor; a positive locking indicator for L-track applications that gives operators quick visual confirmation that the retractor fitting is safely locked into the vehicle anchor system; and a J-hook configuration that enables swift securement with one hand.
When used with a complete Sure-Lok system composed of wheelchair tie-downs, an occupant restraint system (including a lap-and-shoulder belt), and track and anchorages, the Titan800 meets the requirements of the RESNA WC18 standard and is compatible with WC19 wheelchairs, company officials said.