Maxon Mobility’s WL7 Smart Lift has an efficient, computer-generated geometrical design to provide more cycles with less power. The lift can support up to 800 pounds with less than 1,200 psi (pounds per square inch). Furthermore, the adjustable microswitches that are responsible for the timing of the lift have been removed, which John Prahl, vice president of sales, says reduces downtime.

Prahl adds that the unit utilizes advanced technology, thereby eliminating many of the wires and switches that have become troublesome on wheelchair lifts.

The WL7 features Maxon’s exclusive Brain Box on the top of its pump. This device displays the lift status and also monitors voltage and current draw, warns of improper grounding and includes status indicators for a variety of safety interlock functions.

“The LCD screen on the Brain Box tells the operator what he or she did wrong when an error occurs,” Prahl says. “It also tells the technician what part or wire has failed when there is a component failure.”

The Brain Box also includes a mechanism to stop platform drifting. Prahl says that if the lift begins to rattle in transit due to drifting, the Brain Box activates the unit’s hydraulic system to slowly re-energize it.

The WL7’s platform is made of mesh to promote visibility for the driver, and the lift can be outfitted with several optional accessories, including a retractable seat belt and foam padding.