Presentations that promote the safety, educational and environmental advantages of school bus use are available for download.

The PowerPoint files, in 5-, 10- and 30-minute versions, are provided by the American School Bus Council through its Yellow School Bus Champions program, which was rolled out this summer.

The presentations can be downloaded on the National Association of State Directors of Pupil Transportation Services Website. The longer version incorporates video clips with comments from school board members and Ohio state pupil transportation director Pete Japikse.

(A 30-minute version of the presentation has been available on the ASBC Website. It does not include the aforementioned commentary clips. All of the versions are planned to eventually be packaged on the ASBC site.)

"We need to put more yellow buses on the road," Japikse says in one of the clips. "It's a more effective and a more efficient way of moving more individuals on a daily basis. And it has the added advantage that — with all the technology and all the design and all the oversight — it's also the safest way to move children."