REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — GreenRoad has added new functionality to GreenRoad 360 that company officials said deliver significant fuel efficiencies and reduce crashes for fleets.

GreenRoad 360 is the company's fleet driver performance and safety management solution. Its new posted speed performance provides the ability to nearly eliminate posted speed violations. It automatically captures incidents where a vehicle is traveling above the posted speed limit, reflecting the impact of these incidents on the safety score and mapping the details.

Posted speed performance can be seamlessly integrated with GreenRoad Central, a web-based management dashboard, and customized to suit specific policies. It also features color-coded graphical reporting for easy review and efficient management.

In addition, the solution's new unique idling heat maps provide an "at-a-glance" view of idling hot spots across specific geographies and routes. Idling policies can be customized to specific fleet vehicles and specific fleet operations or locations.

“To see where the buses are idling is definitely a good management tool. With our hard winters and being school buses, in the morning we have to start up our fleets and idle for 20 minutes to get them up to running temperature. With GreenRoad, we are able to reduce the idling by about 25 percent. Drivers were also pulling up to school an hour early and idling, and we can reduce that. The drivers are more aware now, and the new idling heat maps will add another level of insight,” said Linda Kleingardner, operations and safety manager for Rolling V Transportation Services.

Newly expanded data integration delivers a new set of application program interfaces for integration with partner and customer systems, including live data delivery, such as GPS data, fleet administration automation interfaces and behavioral insight interfaces. The data integration capability is delivered through standard Internet integration technologies.

Over 70,000 fleet drivers around the world are currently using the GreenRoad service and experiencing an average 50-percent reduction in crashes and instant savings to their bottom line by realizing an up to 10-percent reduction in fuel consumption, officials said.

To date, the company has logged over 3 billion driver miles and continues to add over 100 million driver miles per month.

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