REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — Atlantic Express Transportation Corp. is now using GreenRoad’s driving performance and safety management system in more than 2,300 buses serving the greater New York City metro area.

Noel Cabrera, executive vice president of Atlantic Express, said that the company chose GreenRoad’s system because it provides an in-bus “coach” that is with each driver every day and on every mile. Drivers get immediate feedback and learn which driving maneuvers need improvement. He also noted that GreenRoad is a way for drivers to improve on their own. 

“GPS was good, but it wasn’t telling us anything about driver behavior,” Cabrera added. “What’s unique about GreenRoad is its ability to precisely track and measure critical driving actions like braking, turning, lane changing and speeding based on zone limits, idling, etc., and give real-time feedback to the drivers in a simple way. When drivers see ‘red’ flashing, they know they have braked too hard or taken a turn too fast. When they see ‘green’ they know they are driving safely. It’s a combination of powerful technology delivered in a simple way.”

Since GreenRoad’s adoption, Atlantic Express has been able to establish a baseline for driver performance, officials said. Online reports of driver scores allow managers and dispatchers to easily see which drivers are performing well and which need further individualized training.

Atlantic Express chose its Bronx, N.Y., operations as one of the first depots for complete GreenRoad deployment.

“Driving buses in an urban setting can be very challenging,” said Charles Butera, Atlantic Express' general manager of New York City. “Streets are congested and there are lots of starts and stops. Drivers need to be hyper-vigilant to maintain safety on the roads. With GreenRoad, our drivers are getting immediate, real-time feedback that helps them learn which areas of the route demand more caution. We appreciate the new online reports that tell us which drivers need individual attention. GreenRoad helps us work with our drivers in ways we could not before. Additionally, fuel conservation results in less fuel emissions.”

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