INDIANAPOLIS — Vandalism to nearly 30 Metropolitan School District of Warren Township buses over the holiday weekend forced the district to close schools on Monday.

In a statement to parents and the community on the school district’s website, Superintendent Dr. Peggy Hinckley said that district officials discovered the vandalism early Monday morning — bus batteries had been stolen and the cables were cut.

School was initially delayed as the damage was assessed, but once officials realized that 26 to 28 buses were affected in a fleet of 178 units, they realized that piecing together transportation for children would involve delays and might have put children at risk. Hinckley then determined that they could not open the schools.  

“We apologize for the inconvenience closing school has caused all families,” Hinckley said. “I take seriously the loss of an instructional day for all children as well as the loss of nutrition for many of our students who depend on school for breakfast and lunch. The cost to taxpayers for this act of vandalism is a waste of money that could be used for more important needs of our children, and for that I am furious.”

She went on to say that district officials learned that the vandalism and thefts may be related to other, similar thefts over the weekend.

Schools at the district will be in session on Feb. 20 to make up for the lost day on Monday.

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