NEWTON, Ala. — AngelTrax today unveiled IntelliGuard, a new mobile surveillance system that automatically detects and captures school bus stop-arm violators.

The system, which company officials called “a long-awaited solution for school districts and law enforcement agencies across the country,” uses high-resolution cameras and smart detection technology.

AngelTrax’s IntelliGuard Automated Detection System captures and wirelessly transfers high-quality video of an offending vehicle’s license plate — as well as its make, model and color — without bus driver intervention.

“Our primary goal at AngelTrax has always been to improve transportation safety and help protect both students and drivers by encouraging a safe transportation environment,” President Richie Howard said. “With the introduction of the IntelliGuard system, we are able to do just that.”

He added that the system “provides school districts with a reliable, hands-free detection system that will help deter dangerous stop-arm violations and protect our children from offending motorists.”

IntelliGuard is a stand-alone camera system that is designed to operate without human intervention. When the school bus stops and extends its stop arm, the three-camera system automatically identifies if a vehicle breaches the enforced zone, capturing a clear view of the vehicle and its license plate.

A data bar is generated for each violation and embedded in the video data. The data bar includes information on the violation, such as the date and time, GPS longitude and latitude coordinates, and the bus ID number.

IntelliGuard wirelessly transfers the violation video clips using either a cellular or LAN connection to AngelTrax’s automatic-download event clip manager, MOTOLinx, eliminating the need to manually search through video footage to identify violations. Violation event clips are stored to MOTOLinx, where they can be reviewed using AngelTrax’s proprietary, encrypted playback software.

Detected violation events are also sent wirelessly to MOTOTrax, AngelTrax’s mobile video surveillance manager. Users can play back the entire route of the bus, using the route rewind feature, and review the exact location of a stop-arm violation. Route rewind displays the bus’ course on a Google map, along with a report that displays the time, status, speed, stop-arm violation and location for further review.

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