THAMESFORD, Ontario — In honor of Canada's Remembrance Day, Student Transportation Inc. (STI) recognized Bill Wilson of Elgie Bus Lines for his past military service.

Elgie is a member of the STI family of companies. As an initiative that commenced in May during Military Appreciation Month, STI asked its locations to identify employees or their family members who have served in the military or are currently on active duty.

The Thamesford location honored Wilson, a school bus driver, for his dedication and commitment to previously serving his country and currently serving his local community.

"The military life means one of discipline for Bill, and this lifestyle of discipline means do as you're told, no questions asked, just follow protocol," said Marnie Orris-Baker, terminal manager at the Thamesford location. "Discipline also means to act in an orderly manner and to make regular habits in your day-to-day work. These traits and others like them led Bill to a life of success, full of health and happiness. We are honored to have Bill as part of our Elgie Bus family."

Wilson's military service includes time as a military police corporal. He was stationed at the Shilo training base in Manitoba and Ontario’s Camp Borden, the birthplace of the Royal Canadian Air Force.

"I enjoy being a school bus driver a lot and love doing it every day,” Wilson said. “There can be challenges, and those come with the territory, but my military experience has prepared me very well, allowing me to do the best that I can to help ensure our kids are transported safely each day."

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