MEDFORD, N.J. — Advertisements will soon be placed on Medford Township Public Schools’ 52 buses, and The Central Record reports that the district is the first in the state to put ads on its buses.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie signed the state’s school bus advertising bill into law in January 2011.

Under the law, advertisements for tobacco or alcohol products or for political advocacy are prohibited, as are any other advertisements for products or services or by sponsors that the commissioner of education deems inappropriate.

Fifty percent of any revenue generated by the sale of advertising space must be used by the local board of education to offset the cost of fuel for providing pupil transportation services. The remaining 50% of the revenue can be used to support any programs and services the board deems appropriate.

“This is an effective means of generating vital capital and an exciting community awareness platform for corporate sponsors,” Dr. Joseph Del Rossi, superintendent of Medford Township Public Schools, told The Central Record.

The ads placed on the school system’s buses will be for Murphy’s Marketplace, a local grocery store chain. The chain paid $48,000 for a four-year contract.

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