ULTRALED's new line includes clearance light bulbs (right) and single and double contact bulbs.

ULTRALED's new line includes clearance light bulbs (right) and single and double contact bulbs.

WILLIS, Texas — ULTRALED has launched a new line of serviceable LED lights that are offered in both single (1156) and double (1157) contact bulbs, in addition to 194 clearance light bulbs.

The new bulbs utilize a combination of traditional bulb/socket base and the latest in SMD technology, creating a single source SSL. Officials for ULTRALED, which is a division of Heavy Duty Bus Parts Inc., said that the bulbs are the first of their kind within fleet-based operations.

ULTRALED field-tested the LED lights, among other new LED technology, at Willis Independent School District, where they reportedly received excellent reviews.

“There is something to be said about upgrading the incandescent lights in your fleet to LED lights in five minutes with the change of a bulb during routine maintenance and most likely never having to replace that bulb again,” said Allan Hammond, shop supervisor at the district.

“The overwhelming success of our serviceable ULTRALED School Bus Stop Arm Replacement Bulb encouraged us to further develop our LED lighting line to help fleet owners/operators upgrade outdated incandescent lighting to LED technology at both a reasonable price point and greater efficiency,” said Brandon Billingsley, CEO of Heavy Duty Bus Parts.

Branden Smeltzer, general manager of Heavy Duty Bus Parts, added that “numerous customers across the country tasked us to develop an answer to the expense of upgrading existing fleet vehicle lighting to LED technology without the need to replace the entire lamp. These three new products are our answer to our customers' request, and we are already seeing large demand in the initial launching of these products."

For more information on the ULTRALED serviceable products, call (936) 344-9957, e-mail info@directbus.com or go to directbus.com.