A new student survey from reporting solution supplier Awareity sheds light on bullying and other safety risks in schools as well as on the school bus.

Nearly 4,500 students from school districts across the U.S. and Canada were surveyed for Awareity’s recently released 2013 Student Safety Report.

Among other questions, students were asked where they have witnessed or experienced bullying. Close to half (44%) of students said that they have witnessed or experienced bullying on the school bus. The top response was the school hallway, cited by 69% of students surveyed.

In one of the more alarming findings, 37% of students said that they are aware of an individual who poses a potential risk to their school.

About three-fourths (74%) of students said that they would use an anonymous reporting option to report weapons, online threats or students struggling with suicidal thoughts. Nearly two-thirds (64%) of students said that they would use an anonymous reporting option for bullying/cyber bullying.

“A recurring theme throughout the results was that students (and others) are not always reporting what they know because schools are not providing the tools and/or methods for them to confidentially or anonymously share observations, concerns and suggestions,” Awareity CEO/Founder Rick Shaw wrote in the introduction to the report.

To request a copy of Awareity’s 2013 Student Safety Report, go here.

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