MINNEAPOLIS — StarTribune reports that truck driver Allen H. Morris is being charged with two misdemeanors after passing a stopped school bus and almost hitting Alexis Schwartz, a sixth-grade student who was about to board the bus.

Morris was charged this week in Kandiyohi County District Court with violating two statutes on May 30 that called for him to obey the flashing bus lights and extended stop arm. He is scheduled to appear in court Sept. 10.

In the criminal complaint, Morris said that he was looking off to one side at a field before returning his eyes to the road, saw the girl standing there and was “freaking out” as he drove between her and the bus, and kept going, because he panicked and didn’t know what to do, according to StarTribune.

The bus video shows how the truck nearly ran over the 13-year-old, who was not injured. The bus driver, Mike Egerman, stops the bus in its lane at the end of a driveway at 7 a.m. The door can be heard opening and the semi passes, prompting the bus driver to exclaim and honk his horn, the newspaper reports. The driver said he had deployed his stop arm, as he does for every pickup and drop-off, according to StarTribune, and that a vehicle had already stopped behind the bus, as did another coming toward the bus.

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