FORT VALLEY, Ga. — FuelSense Basic is a standard offering on Blue Bird buses, company officials reaffirmed this week.

FuelSense is the next generation in fuel-savings technology from Allison Transmission. It evolved from previously offered Allison technology.

Officials said most of the features that FuelSense comprises today have been offered by Blue Bird over the past several years in the economy-mode transmission programming on the Vision, FE and RE buses with the Cummins ISB6.7L engine and the Allison 2000 Series transmissions.

FuelSense Basic’s features include 5th Generation Controls, EcoCal and Dynamic Shift Sensing.

FuelSense features are incorporated in part or completely in three levels: FuelSense Basic, FuelSense Plus and FuelSense Max.

In addition to FuelSense Basic as a current standard offering, Blue Bird will soon offer FuelSense Plus and Max as optional packages. FuelSense Plus adds the Neutral at Stop feature to reduce non-productive fuel consumption when the bus is stopped.

FuelSense Max includes the features of FuelSense Plus and adds Acceleration Rate Management, which, based on vehicle weight and operating grade, automatically controls the engine torque to mitigate aggressive driving and further maximize fuel savings. Blue Bird currently offers Acceleration Rate Management as a standard Allison feature as well.

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