MILPITAS, Calif. — Former A-Z Bus Sales executive Jim Reynolds has been appointed president and CEO of green vehicle technology company ADOMANI Inc.

Reynolds, a 13-year veteran of the school, commercial and transit bus industries, retired from his role as CEO of A-Z Bus Sales this summer. He then joined ADOMANI’s board of directors.

ADOMANI converts gas or diesel vehicles to all-electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. One of the company’s recent conversions is an all-electric Type D school bus at Gilroy (Calif.) Unified School District. The bus has a range of 40 miles per charge, and the district’s facility is supplemented with solar panels to charge the vehicle’s batteries.

According to the company, ADOMANI can supply a bus with enough battery power to travel 100 miles on one charge.

Reynolds said that he was initially reluctant when ADOMANI approached him about working with the company, “but once I saw their technology and realized the impact a company like ADOMANI could make on the transportation industry and the environment, I was on board.”

ADOMANI founder and Chief Technology Officer Edward Monfort pointed to Reynolds’ industry expertise, relationships, and sales and marketing experience.

“After I met him and spent some time with him,” Monfort said, “I told the board we needed him as our CEO and I would be willing to step down as the CEO if Jim would accept the position.”

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