SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake City Schools and one of its bus drivers are facing scrutiny from some parents after the driver pulled over on a route last week because kids were misbehaving and refused to let them out, ABC 4 Utah reports.  

Parents told the news outlet their kids called them frantically trying to get off the bus. Salt Lake City Schools spokesperson Jason Olsen told ABC 4 Utah the driver pulled over for safety reasons because the students were “very unruly,” yelling profanity at the driver, and at one point he had to stop the bus because a student was standing up. Police were called and school leaders arrived. While the students and driver were waiting for the police, a parent of one of the students came to take his daughter, but the driver wouldn’t let him, according to the news outlet.

District officials reviewed the bus video and said the driver did everything right, ABC 4 Utah reports. Olsen told the news outlet the footage also revealed that the situation escalated because of a parent who showed up with a bat and demanded that his student be let off and threatened the life of the driver, so the driver didn’t release any students until other school leaders arrived.

Olsen told the news outlet the timeline is under investigation, the district is sorry this happened, and the driver was doing his best to follow his training and to ensure student safety. The driver is being supervised this week and the district planned to have a training session to discuss the incident.

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