SALT LAKE CITY — Troy Edward Daniels, a former Jordan School District bus driver, was sentenced Wednesday to a year in jail in connection with a student who was hit and killed by another bus after exiting his bus when Daniels failed to activate his red lights and signals or stop arm, Salt Lake Tribune reports.

Daniels was sentenced immediately after pleading guilty as charged to class A misdemeanor reckless endangerment and class C misdemeanor failure to signal, according to the newspaper. As part of a 365-day probation, he is required to pay a $3,250 fine.

On April 30, 10-year-old Seleny Crosby was riding on Daniels’ bus when he pulled over on the shoulder, South Jordan police said. Charging documents say, according to Salt Lake Tribune, Daniels activated the bus’ hazard flashers while offloading students, but did not activate his red lights and signals or stop arm because he was handing out flyers to the students as they offloaded.

When the girl exited the southbound bus, she immediately ran in front of Daniels’ bus to cross the street and was hit by a second southbound bus. The driver of the other bus told police that she saw Daniels’ bus pulled to the side of the road, but because his red light signals and stop arm were not activated, she did not believe he was offloading any students, the newspaper reports. She said she was driving below the speed limit as she started to pass Daniels’ bus, saw the girl run out in front of her bus, immediately tried to brake and steer away from her, but was unable to avoid a collision, according to court documents. Crosby died two days later at a hospital, Salt Lake Tribune reports.

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